Download The Imolaza App

No Subscription and No Hidden Fees: Free ImoLaza App compatibility iOS 11.0+ and Android 7.0+. Compatible with most sprinkler systems, input: 110V AC, output: 24V AC.

Personalized Garden Zone Care
Give each zone of your garden the nurturing care it deserves by creating tailored smart schedules for the specific needs of your lawn, including plant type, soil type, nozzles, sun exposure, etc.
Weather Intelligence
The ImoLaza smart sprinkler controller gets real-time data from local weather forecast to help homeowners create more waterefficient irrigation schedules. Automatically skip unnecessary watering schedules without worrying about wasting water or damaging plants in rainy, windy or freezing weather.
Water Your Garden from Anywhere
At work, on holiday, or visiting friends and family, the ImoLaza app gives your fast and easy access to monitor and adjust your watering schedules, so a luscious green lawn always welcomes you when you arrive home.
Customizable Fixed or Smart Schedules
Whether you know exactly how much water your plants need to thrive or not. This controller helps you create tailored watering schedules for your lawn to give you peace of mind about its health and maintenance.
Smart Cycle Soaking
The cyclic soaking function can promote the absorption of water by the soil, prevent overwatering and keep the plant water, effectively prolong the plant's life, and make the plant grow better and lusher.
Clear Water-Saving Data
Monitor the water consumption of individual areas and the overall monthly water consumption at any time, water-saving data is more clear and intuitive.
Fast & Easy to Install
ImoLaza smart sprinkler controllers can replace 99% of existing sprinkler controllers. The controller installation is simple and convenient;even a novice can follow the instructions to complete the fast installation within 15-30 minutes.