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 No Watering in Rain, No Wilting in Summer

Bring Vitality to Your Lawn

Are you looking to get a smart sprinkler controller? Do you want complete control of the entire irrigation system in your hands? The Imolaza App makes managing lawns a breeze from anywhere in the world. Imagine turning on a zone or manually running an entire schedule with just a tap on the Imolaza app while you're sitting in a gazebo or one vacation half the world away.

It's a simple tool, but in fact, it's a big step forward in your life, doing what you really love while Imolaza smart controller sprinkles the water for your lawn and garden, and keeps your garden healthy and beautiful with lowest cost.

How it works

Smart Irrigation for A Better Life

Do you want your lawn to be the envy of your neighbors? Your lawn can be a source of pride, where your family can relax, exercise, meditate, and children and pets can run and play. You can also host a lawn party or a lawn concert with friends anytime, listen to beautiful music, daydreaming in the afternoon and watch the beautiful stars at midnight.
Why Do You Need a Smart Sprinkler Controller?
ImoLaza smart sprinkler controllers can work with almost any sprinkler system regardless of its age, make, or model. The controller installation is simple and convenient; even a novice can follow the instructions to complete the fast installation within 15~30 minutes.

With the Imolaza, you can turn your sprinklers on and off with your smartphone – whenever, wherever. Anywhere you have an internet connection you can control your sprinkler system. This saves you all those trips back and forth from the garage when adjusting a sprinkler head or fixing a leak. It also allows you to make adjustments even when you are out of town.
Saving Water, Saving Time, Saving Money
Imolaza smart sprinkler controller allows you to adjust lawn watering schedules through an Imolaza App on your phone, using a more intuitive and streamlined interface than any onboard button. You can automate the entire watering process, increasing the efficiency with which every drop falls on your lawn, and Imolaza smart controller system that help you save money and reduce water waste.

No more dead plants because the schedule schedules regular watering. There is no wet lawn, as soaking will allow the water to be fully absorbed. Just set a watering schedule and go!

Automatically Skip Unnecessary Watering

Rain Skip

This smart sprinkler controller gets live data from your local forecast, so you won’t have to worry about wasting water on rainy days.

Freeze Skip

Our irrigation controllers won’t turn on during strong winds that cause water to scatter, so you can save on your water bill and prevent unwanted watering.

Wind Skip

Save your precious plants from frostbite as this sprinkler controller skips watering when the observed temperature gets too cold for your plants.

From Real Customers

Richard G.


Love It! If you ever want to get total control of when and how long each zone is on, this is for you!

Alex W.


I'm a landscape irrigation contractor. We install these controllers standard on our new installations. This unit is very straight forward to install and easy to operate. Highly recommend.



My husband was eyeing this for some time, so I bought it for his Father’s Day gift. It was easy to install and to program. And my husband isn’t the handiest guy.



So easy to set up! Love that I can control it by my phone. It has options to skip irrigation for wind, rain, freeze etc.

Ken B.


This has been a game changer a smart system. My lawn is doing great and I’ve saved money on my water bill.

Fernando B.


This is the best controller. Replaces the Rainbird brand.

Michelle G.


Very easy to install and program. Beats any other lawn sprinkler control I have used.

Ang W.


Extremely easy to instal and very user friendly even for an old 6~7 year old huckleberry hayseed who has never had a sprinkler system before.



I live in Vegas so our watering schedule changes every season. I was able to set our scheduled watering days for the whole year. Set it and forget it. I love it!

Bob D.


Dropped my water bill by over 50%. SO FAR SO GOOD.

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